Arrow Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd is a multi-faceted pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing company. The company was founded by three diligent individuals with deep expertise across functions and experience in senior management roles. With a unified motive, these individuals aim to produce effective medicines at a very affordable price without compromising the quality and values. So, the name ‘arrow: directing the right choice for all’ was set out.

Our Manufacturing plant is at Bhaktapur, the plant has two separate buildings with a built-up area of fifty-one thousand square feet. Block A for general medicines and block B solely dedicated to the Cephalosporin class of antibiotics. The plant is designed on Clean Room Concept. The state-of-art plant is equipped with machines and equipment of the latest technology as per cGMP, the best in their class with possible automation.  We are committed to upholding the trust of our valued prescribers that has been vested upon us. Our passionate and committed sales team is at service for ethical promotion and presentation.

VISION: To venture into untouched therapeutic categories like respiratory drugs for inhalation and medicines for injection and be a market leader in Pharmaceutical industry.

MISSION: To manufacture affordable quality medicines for Consumers, best value for our partners, sustained profit growth for investors And reinforcement for employees

GOALS: Arrow Pharmaceuticals aim to acknowledge the unmet demand of Cephalosporin prescription medicine of different dosage form and add value on prescriptions for a variety of other ailments by providing a range of quality pharmaceutics at an affordable price.

Our Executive Team

Highly experienced management team with more than a decades experience in the national pharmaceutical industry

Dr. Pankaj K. Tiwari
Managing Director
Message From Managing Director

"Arrow is a group of creative, experienced, and dedicated professionals. Who goes beyond conventional practice and use innovative techniques to ensure the delivery of high-quality medicines and services. With support from our valued prescribers and stake-holders Arrow aims to create substantial employments for Nepalese Citizens.  A true need of our motherland."

Mahesh Bhatta
Technical Director
Message From Technical Director

"Quality and excellence are in our company’s DNA. We have elaborated operational procedures and monitoring mechanisms in place for quality assurance. Our facilities ensure quality through constant up-gradation of equipment, adoption of technological advances, and implementation of the industry benchmark."

Hem Raj Sharma
Marketing Director
Message From Marketing Director

"Having a significant amount of capital investment. Consistently, working on its formulation, for the last two years and today, Arrow is ready with approximately 100 products. Our initial product range focuses on solutions to communicable and non-communicable diseases."

Madan Kumar Thapa
Director- Sales Operation
Message From Director- Sales Operation

"We are committed to upholding the trust our valued prescribers have vested upon us. Our passionate and committed sales team are at service for ethical promotion and presentation."